Service Function


Sl.                                Services Charges
1. Soil Sample  
  I   Routine Analysis Parameters @ Rs.250/- per sample for five parameters OR
    a. pH Rs.40
    b. Organic Carbon/Organic Matter Rs.50
    c. Phosphorous (available) Rs.50
    d. Potash (available) Rs.50
    e. Sodium Rs.50
    f. Nitrogen (available) Rs.60
    g Nitrogen (Total) Rs.80
    h. Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) Rs.60
    i. Sulphate Sulphur (SO4--S) Rs.60
    j. C. E. C Rs.80
    k. E. C. Rs.40
    l. Lime requirement Rs.60
  II Physical Characteristics  
    a. Moisture Rs.40
    b. Bulk Density/Porosity Rs.40
    c. Water Holding Capacity Rs.60
    d. Texture Rs.60
    e. Colour by digital colour atlas (munsell scale) Rs.20
  III Secondary  nutrients  
    a. Ca, Mg, S Rs.150 each element
   IV Micro nutrients   
    a Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cl Rs.150 each element 
    b. Mo, B, Al, Si Rs.200 each element
  V Biological  

Microbial biomass C / N / P by CFDE  or  microbial population by dilution plate count method

Rs.300 each sample

Eel worm count (on specific request)

2. Organic Manure/Fertilizer  
  I Routine parameters  
    a. pH, Organic Matter, Total N, P, K Rs.270 per sample
    b. Ca, Mg, Zn, S Rs.150 per element
    c. Maturity Index Rs.150 per sample
    d. Bulk Density Rs.40 per sample

Biological  (Bio-fertilizers & Bio-pesticides )

      C. F. U. Rs.300 each sample
3. Plant Material  
    a. Total N, P and K Rs.200 per sample for three parameters

Other elements (on specific request)

same as per Sl. No. 1 (III & IV)
4. Water Analysis  
    a. pH, TDS, NO3-, PO4---, SO4-- Rs.300 per sample

Micro-nutrients (on specific request)

same as per Sl. No. 1  (III & IV)

Source : Uttarakhand Tea Development Board Government Of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 22-07-2022