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Uttarakhand is situated in the Central Himalaya region extending between 77o 34' 27''E and 81o 02' 2''E and between 28o  43' 2''N and 31o 27' 50''N. It has been bestowed with bountiful natural resources rich in biodiversity leading to preserve the unique climate quite suitable for the production of finest quality of tea in terms of both flavour and productivity.

Keeping in view, the scope and importance of tea in strengthening the Socio-Economic condition of small and marginal farmers, employment generation for unemployed youths through tea cultivation, the then Government of Uttar Pradesh in the financial year 1993-94 sanctioned an employment generating scheme through tea cultivation entitled  "Uttarakhand Tea Development Project." The approved initial cost of the project was   21.77 Crore. 

Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam, Nainital had been the nodal agency to implement the project. On February 12, 2004 the Govt. of Uttarakhand formally set up a separate independent “Uttarakhand Tea Development Board” with the specific mandate for working for the overall development of the tea sector in the state.

The board has been proving its worth to a great extent in fulfilling its prime objectives since its inception as evidenced by tea development work in establishing tea gardens in Almora, Bageshwar,Champawat,Chamoli,Nainital,Pithoragarh and Rudraprayag districts of Uttarakhand. Though, the tea cultivation in the region dates back to the year 1835 yet commercialization of this labour intensive , eco-friendly industry through the participation of villagers/small and marginal farmers as a unique prolific cash crop model of its own in the Uttarakhand has added a new dimension to traditional farming.

Tea cultivation in Uttarakhand has now become possible with the earnest and rigorous efforts of the virtual team of Uttarakhand Tea Development Board under the benign technical guidance of Dr. M. B. Tamang and Dr. G. S. Mer. Now, Dr. Tamang has left the organisation for his personal reasons.

Persons who headed the Uttarakhand Tea Development Board as director

Persons who headed the Uttarakhand Tea Development Board as director

1.  Sh. R. S. Adhikari 

11.02.2004 - 31.07.2008

2.  Sh. Vinod Fonia IFS

01.08.2008 - 21.08.2008

3.  Smt. Nidhimani Tripathi IAS

22.08.2008 - 24.06.2009

4.  Sh. Subardhan IAS

25.06.2009 - 07.01.2011

5.  Sh. D. S. Garbiyal IAS

08.01.2011 - 12.05.2012

6.  Sh. Akshat Gupta IAS

13.06.2012 - 17.01.2014

7.  Dr. Ahmed Iqbal IAS

18.01.2014 - 19.03.2014

8.  Dr. Krishan Ranjan Joshi

20.03.2014 - 30.06.2016

9.  Dr. B. S. Negi 01.07.2016 - 23.03.2018
10  Sh. Sanjay Kumar Srivastava 24.03.2018

Source : Uttarakhand Tea Development Board Government Of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 22-07-2022