Tea development works in different blocks of uttarakhand

Welcome to the Uttarakhand Tea Development Board

Uttarakhand, formerly  known as Uttaranchal and  also referred as  “Devbhoomi”  since times immemorial,  got the status of 27th  state of  India on 9th Nov., 2000. It has two divisions  namely Garhwal and Kumaon  having  a total of 13 districts. It forms North-Western boundary with Himachal Pradesh, North and North-Eastern  boundary  with Tibet (China)  and Eastern with Nepal and Southern with plains of  Uttar Pradesh. The climate in the northern part is typically Himalayan having monsoon pattern of rainfall. The climate ranges from subtropical in the southern foot hills to warm temperate in the middle Himalayan valleys. The topographic  terrain of the state is largely hilly tract where tremendous  potential for tea cultivation  is present below 2000m altitude (msl). The govt. Of  Uttarakhand on 12 February, 2004 formally created a separate, independent   “Uttarakhand Tea Development Board”

Source : Uttarakhand Tea Development Board Government Of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 22-07-2022