Service Function


Sl.                                Services Charges
1. Soil Sample  
  I   Routine Analysis Parameters @ Rs.200/- per sample for five parameters OR
    a. pH Rs.30
    b. Organic Carbon/Organic Matter Rs.40
    c. Phosphorous (available) Rs.40
    d. Potash (available) Rs.40
    e.; Sodium Rs.40
    f. Nitrogen (available/total) Rs.50
    g. Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) Rs.50
    h. Sulphate Sulphur (SO4--S) Rs.50
    i. C. E. C Rs.50
    j E. C. Rs.30
    k Lime requirement Rs.50
  II Physical Characteristics  
    a. Moisture Rs.30
    b. Bulk Density/Porosity Rs.30
    c. Water Holding Capacity Rs.50
    d. Texture Rs.50
    e. Colour (by digital colour atlas) Rs.15
  III Secondary and Micro-nutrients  
    a. Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cl Rs.100 each element
    b. Mo, B, Al, Si Rs.150 each element
  IV Biological  
    a. Microbial biomass Rs.250 each sample
    b. Eel worm count (on specific request) Rs.50
2. Organic Manure/Fertilizer  
  I Routine parameters  
    a. pH, Organic Matter, Total N, P, K Rs.200 per sample
    b. Ca, Mg, Zn, S Rs.100 per element
    c. Maturity Index Rs.100 per sample
    d. Bulk Density Rs.30 per sample
  II Biological (Bio-fertilizers & Bio-pesticides )  
      C. F. U. Rs.250 each sample
3. Plant Material  
    a. Total N, P and K Rs.150 per sample for three parameters
    b. Other elements (on specific request) same as per Sl. No. 1 (III)
4. Water Analysis  
    a. pH, NO3-, PO4---, SO4--, Cl- Rs.200 per sample
    b. Micro-nutrients (on specific request) same as per Sl. No. 1 (III)

Source : Uttarakhand Tea Development Board Government Of Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 04-09-2017